Butterfly/Pascal's/The kid on the mountain (instrumentals)
Carrickfergus (lament)
Cúnla (story)
Dick Darby the Cobbler (daily life story)
Dirty old Town (story)
Don’t come again (story)
Fiddler’s Green (sea shanty)
Finnegan’s Wake (story)
Haul away Joe (sea shanty)
I burried my wife and I danced upon her grave/Mac's fancy/Morrissson's
Johnny Todd (sea shanty)
Jug of Punch (drinking song)
Legacy Jigg (instrumental)
Mary’s wedding (story)
Molly Malone (story)
Parcel of rogues (hymn)
Rosin' the bow (drinking song)
South australia (sea shanty)
The banks of Newfoundland (sea shanty)
The Boys of the Lough/The wind that shakes the barley (instrumentals)
The British Army (rebel song)
The cliffs Dooneen (ballad)
The Foggy Dew (rebel song)
The Jolly Beggarman (story)
The lark in the morning (instrumental)
The leaving of Liverpool (sea shanty)
The Mermaid (sea shanty)
The merry ploughboy (rebel song)
The nawy is on the line (instrumental)
The nightingale (ballad)
The parting glass (lament)
The rights of man/ The boys of Bluehill (instrumental)
The wild Rover (drinking song)
Will ye go, lassie go (ballad)

The old Orange flute (tale)

Gilgarra Mountain or There's whiskey in the jar (story)

Good old mountain dew (drinking song)

Dirty old town

Mursheen Durkain

Good old mountain dew (drinking song)



At work:
The Hot ashfalt (story)
From Clare to here (lament)
A nation once again (rebel song)
The black velvet band (story)