The Best of Geoff & The Cobblers.


And how about listening to five of the songs from Geoff of the Cobblers repertoire?
You just have to click on the titles and throught the miracle of Windows Player, you
will be able to enjoy the samples of our demo CD.
Happy listening !

Geoff & The Cobblers

Et aimeriez-vous entendre les meilleures chansons du répertoire de Geoff & The Cobblers?
C'est simple. Il vous suffit de cliquer sur l'un ou l'autre des titres de cette page
et Window Player fera le reste.
Bonne écoute!

Geoff & The Cobblers

Fiddler’s Green (sea shanty, Ireland)

Finnegan’s Wake (daily life, Ireland)

Don’t come again (daily life, Ireland)

The Jolly Beggarman (daily life, Ireland)

Dick Darby the Cobbler (daily life, Ireland)